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Diagnosis: not exactly conduct disorder; what could it be? + treatment

I have a character, born in 1986. When he's nine, his older sister catches him torturing a cat. Naturally, this greatly concerns his sister, and she approaches their father to get him into a program to treat his problems.

The boy is capable of love and loyalty. He loves his sister and mother intensely, and because of that is highly loyal to his family. When he grows up, he will marry a woman he loves. He does not, however, love his children or the rest of his family. He abuses his oldest daughter and regularly fantasizes about the best ways to torture or kill his siblings. He does not, however, act on it after the age of fifteen (when he gives his intellectually disabled sister acid), as he's well aware of what the consequences would be. He is highly intelligent and grows up to be an extremely successful defense attorney. As an adult, he regularly bribes law enforcement and others in the justice system, as well as blackmailing them, to favor himself and his clients. As an adult, any crimes he commits are relatively minor, and he's never even suspected of anything. He is not charming, smooth, or overly attractive to the opposite sex.

So I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what his diagnosis (as a child and as an adult) would be. I'm leaning toward conduct disorder and antisocial personality disorder, but they don't quite fit--the love and loyalty come into play.

I'm also wondering what his treatment would be like. I assume therapy, but what type? Would he be medicated? What sort of medications? With proper intervention, could his life course be at least slightly turned, enough to even just avoid abusing his children?

This is an AU of an original project (in the project's canon, he does not get treatment, and his life plays out as described above), so I have plenty of latitude for adjusting how things go.

Raising a Psychopath (blog)
conduct disorder loyalty
conduct disorder love
sociopath love
mental illness cruelty
psychopath loyalty
psychopath love
Probably more along these lines.

More search terms are, of course, welcome.

Thank you for your help and time.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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