axia (ai_08) wrote in little_details,

Russian pet name for someone named Alfred

Setting: Modern day, some undisclosed big city in the North-Eastern part of the US.

Googled: "Russian pet names for boys" "Russian terms of endearment" "Russian nick name Alfred" "Russian diminutive Alfred" "Russian equivalent of Alfred" "what is the Russian word for elf" etc

Question: I need a diminutive, or a nick name of sorts, in Russian, for a young man named Alfred. Unfortunately, Alfred is an English name meaning "elf council" so I've had very little luck in the Russian department. Ideally I would like a diminutive (like Vanya for Ivan, etc) or a nickname meaning "little elf" in Russian, or at the very least, endearing terms for young men/boys.

Thank you so much!
Tags: ~languages: russian, ~names

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