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Pregnant woman with concussion and (possible) retrograde amnesia

Hi, everyone!

I'm writing a fic for Supernatural fandom, but the fandom doesn't really have any real bearing on this particular situation. While planning, I decided that one of the main female characters, who is 19 and almost 9 months pregnant, was going to suffer a fall down some stairs and have a Grade III concussion.

My first question is, after getting this woman to the hospital, would the staff perform a Cesarean section to deliver her baby and prevent further damage to said baby? I'm assuming they wouldn't attempt a vaginal delivery, as she'd be, at best, too confused to actually physically push the baby out.

My second question: The girl was kidnapped by Lucifer in Sam's body, but stayed after Sam took back control of his body. When she finally is able to have visitors, she doesn't remember most of the past year she stayed with Sam because she has severe retrograde amnesia (except for when Lucifer kidnapped her). Because of this, Lisa decides to call her parents and let them know she's alive, etc, and they come to retrieve her. Would the doctor hesitate to let her parents see her, let alone take her home? How long would she reasonably have to stay at the hospital before she would be discharged?

Search: Googled "what to do for a pregnant woman with a concussion" "pregnant woman with concussion"; looked at the Wikipedia pages for concussion and amnesia
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~medicine: reproduction, ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia

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