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Pain Medication for a Victim of a Car Accident

My character is involved in a car accident. No major injuries, but he is suffering from a stage 3 concussion, a ruptured disc, and a dislocated shoulder. He's in a lot of pain. What kind of medication would be administered while he was in the hospital undergoing observation? I know non-aspirin and non-narcotics are avoided, but how do doctors reduce pain in such situations?

I Googled: Medication for a herniated disc and concussion; Medication for a dislocated shoulder and concussion; Pain relief while concussed; Medication for physical injuries and concussion; Medication for both physical injury and concussion; What kind of pain medication to treat broken bones and a concussion (yeah, by the last one, I was getting desperate.) Articles discuss treating one or the other, but not the combination. I also tried broken legs and concussion, but still nothing.

Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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