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Okay, I have a bunch of weird questions with no relation to each other.

First off, a question on marriage. Character S (mine) and Character K are engaged, and have been for some time. My friend and I would like to actually play out the wedding soon, but there's a slight snag--both characters are male. What I need to know is (keeping in mind that they're in a present-day setting, but that we can bend things a little bit if necessary) where gay marriages are legal, specifically in the US and UK areas of the world(preferably the UK; Character S is from there, and they'd like to be married there if possible). I don't need anything particularly specific; I'd just like to know where we could send them for it.

On a related note--once they ARE married, what sort of treatment can they expect? Will their rights as a married couple still be valid in places where gay marriages aren't legal, for instance, or will they be treated as if they aren't?

Anyway, moving on to the next question.

Character J, who has led an interesting life, once had a man come at him with a knife, and the upshot of the ensuing fight had him lose all use of his right eye. He's got an ugly scar down his face from it, although most of it is covered by an eyepatch. However, for various reasons, I want to know what his eye now looks like under the eyepatch. I imagine its appearance would depend largely on the severity of the injury to his eye, but I haven't exactly settled on how bad the damage was beyond simply ruining his ability to see from that eye. I'd prefer him not to have an empty socket there, because frankly that would creep me out as his player, but if it's not empty...then what would be there? Would the eyelid have been sewn shut? Would his eye still be there, looking more or less normal and simply not functioning? What?

(Note: I would vastly prefer VERBAL suggestions and the like on this. I don't think I could stomach any medical pictures of eye wounds.)

Now my third question!

Character G is a pyromaniac, which puts him on slightly shaky mental standing right off. But on top of that, he has some sort of mental issues that have translated into something very like a disease--there are two distinct sides to his personality, one of which is friendly and naive to the point of being kind of stupid (this is the preferred personality for those around him) and the other being angry, vicious, and conniving. They split off from each other at a trauma earlier on in his life, which resulted in the angrier half of his personality torching his house and his family--as I see it, the two sides split off here because part of Character G simply couldn't deal with the knowledge of what he'd just done, so parts of his brain simply stopped talking to each other. The naive side isn't aware that there IS another side to him--either that, or it's simply in massive denial. The recessive, angry side isn't in control often enough to tell if it's any more aware of the situation. It's a hell of a complicated thing, and I only recently settled on it, but it fit well with the way Character G has acted up to this point and explained a LOT about him to me.

Now, Character G's friend, Character A, likes the naive personality and is frankly kind of scared of the angry side, so he medicates G on the sly--he doesn't want to tell G flat out that he needs meds because he's crazy, partly because he figures G is happier this way and partly because he thinks G doesn't need to be any more unbalanced than he already is. The meds aren't exactly designed specifically for the situation, but they keep G more or less sedate--the upshot of which is the predominance of the naive side, which is exactly what A wants.

NOW. As confusing and weird as all that mess is, what I want to know is whether G can be described as having a medically defined mental disorder. Does he qualify as a schizophrenic? Does he have MPD? Is he bipolar? Is it delusional psychosis? What I want to know is whether there's a short, simple way to describe what's wrong with him. Chances are the combination I've thrown into him doesn't fit any medically defined term, and he's some entirely new breed of fucked up, but I thought I'd check.

And finally! This takes a backseat to all my other questions, because it's not really anything I need to know so much as something I want for my own brief amusement. I am talking to a Russian soldier of major rank named Ivan. Ivan is good with knives, rather ambivalent towards me, easily annoyed, and rather gay. I think he's adorable in a grumpy kitty sort of way, while simultaneously liking my entrails inside my body. I wish for a Russian term of endearment (Vanya, by the way, is OUT OF THE QUESTION) that is friendly but not so much that he will gut me. I have consulted my language friends upon this subject WITHOUT SUCCESS. >O If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. (By the way, 'Lisa' has already been suggested.)

Yeah, I'm a little bit of everywhere. >D Why do you think I need this community?


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