Ken [not quite a real boy] (mereprototype) wrote in little_details,
Ken [not quite a real boy]

Fast, but not instant, methods of death

My character, a small but very powerful telekinetic, has another frozen in place standing up with his power and plans to kill her once a third arrives on the scene. To determine the speed of her death, I rolled a d10 where 1 was torturously slow and 10 was instantaneous and ended up with a 9, so I need to come up with something that isn't quite instant but still pretty fast. Let's say death in 3-5 minutes tops.

The setting is a stereotypical 1950s house and they're in the living room. His telekinesis is limited pretty much by what he can see and me playing him with a dislike of gory deaths; he'll go for a bloody method if he feels it makes sense, since the setting will revert to normal the next morning no matter what, but he'd rather not deal with the mess while it lasts. Anything he can see can be flung around for use as a weapon. He can break bones, yank limbs around, or cause pressure for crushing injuries. My first guess is crushing pressure to the throat for strangulation, but part of me thinks that's a little boring and obvious.

Haven't Googled because I honestly have no idea what I could search for to get an answer here.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order

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