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12th century murder case

We'd probably say manslaughter today, as the culprits had actually beat up someone who died afterwards.

Anyway, this is for a Cadfael fic, and while I do that in the 12th century they usually summarily hanged people for murder, I'm looking for a way to avoid exactly that. Any ideas what other punishment/reparation to the victims family, etc. could be used?

Sources I already checked:
- "Life in a Medieval City" by Joseph and Frances Gies
- Regia Anglorum website
- Stefan's Florilegium Archive
- the Cunnan website

I also Googled "Justice in 12th Century England" and "murder and punishment in 12th century England", but all I got were general descriptions. The Gies book tells me that provosts could be bribed, and a rich person had a better chance to escape the gallows, but that wasn't really new or informative, either.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Edit: Many heartfelt thanks for the excellent info, suggestion and links. In case you're interested in the outcome, I've chosen to allow Cadfael suggesting that they would use the Welsh practice of the blood-price: the culprit will pay a certain sum for the victim's widow on a weekly basis, until her son reaches the age of 14 and will be able to take care of his mother (unless she remarries before that). I hope I won't get lynched for it by historically savvy people. :)
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