JustHuman (justhuman) wrote in little_details,

Quebecois Place Name

The setting in the story is Maine and I need the name for a sea cave. The First Nation's name would loosely translate as "womb of the earth," however, my 15th century French explorers decided that it needed a related but raunchier name.

I played with a translator, but as usual, the kind of term that I'm looking for doesn't necessarily parse well. So in the spirit of les Trois Tétons, I'm taking this under a cut so as not to offend

I played with a translator for "Joyful Slit" and got Fente Joyeux (or should that be Joyeux Fente?). But does that get the effect I was looking for, raunchily referring to the female anatomy?

Many thanks.
Tags: ~languages: french

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