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Suicide hotline operator accidentally meeting a caller

A volunteer (not a psychiatrist or anything) for a suicide hotline meets, by utter coincidence, someone who called in and whom he subsequently talked down – both of them realize who the other is due to some phraseology & vocal mannerisms I haven’t quite worked out yet. 

I know that most hotlines run with confidentiality & that interfering/arranging to meet a caller is not okay, but I was wondering if there are any formal protocols/precedent for such an incident.  Like is the volunteer obliged to pretend they’ve never met?  Should the volunteer try to limit contact?  Does everything just explode? 

Much thanks in advance; sorry if I’ve missed anything obvious (long time listener first time caller etc.) 

Setting is on a college campus, roughly present time, implied to be Illinois (but it’s not particularly important.) 

Search terms used: permutations of (‘confidentiality’ ‘contract’ ‘guidelines’ ‘protocol’) & (‘suicide hotline’ ‘hotline’).  Have read a (very interesting but ultimately unhelpful) handful of articles & blogs on confidentiality and staffing experiences & gone through tags, including this article on confidentiality (links to google quickview), the volunteer contract here, this fascinating but triggery bit on procedure/problems, a basic script, etc (those were just most helpful, might help someone else rifling through tags like goodness knows I do.)

Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~suicide

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