Jasper (just_jasper) wrote in little_details,

Body identification

Location: US large city (unspecified state/city)

Character A is on a bus. The bus is involved in a serious crash. Char A is injured enough to be incapacitated and taken to hospital. Meanwhile, another passenger on the bus is a pickpocket and (before the crash) pinched Char A's wallet (with photo ID) and phone. Pickpocket is not so lucky, and dies in the accident, including injury which is dire enough to make facial identification difficult. Pickpocket is similar in build/race to Char A, and is in possession of his ID.

My questions: If the deceased is assumed to be the owner of the ID, how would next of kin be contacted? Phone? Police turning up on the doorstep? What will be asked of Char A's spouse as to identification? I would like to avoid using the mass of procedural-crime-drama tropes I foresee myself entertaining with this story.

Cheers in advance for the help!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~forensics: corpses

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