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How to cause certain medical issues/symptoms/suffering in others

Setting: North America, modern day
What: Medical torture

I need plausible ways for as many of the things listed below to happen. My character is a serial killer who wants to make their random victims suffer first, this is a real whackjob I'm dealing with. These don't all need to happen to the same person, because that might draw attention to the murderer's ways. Think of it as one thing happening to each person, if it's easier. What could someone do to a person, sight unseen, that would cause these things? Drugs, psychiatric manipulation, something else? It's okay if it's slightly offbeat, rather hard to get ahold of in today's world, what have you, but please, don't make it all spy-technological-crazy-hard to get ahold of if it's a drug or something. It needs to be something your average yet determined person, with average middle-class finances (no stockpile/nest egg to draw from though), could obtain or learn, as that's the killer's profile.

On to the victims, who are all adults (assume they are all older than 20 and younger than, say, 70):

-the person randomly feels and acts as if they are choking for several minutes, with AND without food or drink; needs to happen during both
-the person has random mild blood oxygen desats without knowing it, other people remark on blue lips, other symptoms; these will get worse over time
-the person experiences migraine-like symptoms with no traceable triggers
-the person feels nauseous/throws up randomly
-the person feels dizzy or has their blood pressure drop and must lie down or face fainting
-the person has sudden stabbing pains somewhere in their body (not picky on where) that resolve within moments on their own

All these things need to have no explanation that any doctor can find, or a random medical explanation that has nothing to do with what the killer is actually doing TO them; i.e. if the killer is drugging them somehow, the doctor needs to diagnose something else and never be suspicious of the actual drug used. The ABSOLUTE ideal is for as many of these to happen to one person, engineered by the killer, as possible, while the doctor diagnoses hypochondria, or something as a sop just to get the person out of their office. The classic going crazy diagnosis, if you will, because no one believes them, but these symptoms are actually happening to them. Bonus points if the methods given have any other side effects that help with this end! As long as the ones specifically on the list are hit at some point (and yes, the killer can and will have multiple victims so if it's not possible to do all of this on one person that's fine), it's great.

I really cannot figure out any useful way to dredge up this information. All I tend to get when I plow the Internet are frightening tales of Munchausen by proxy or suspected Munchausen and of course the writers never tell you how the perps do it, so other MbP-types don't get ideas.

Thanks for any help!
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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