St. Rougarou (gogoangelgunboy) wrote in little_details,
St. Rougarou

approximate date of traditional song

EDIT: Sorted, thank you!
I'd like to know if it's possible for my characters, who are in an Irish saloon in Hell's Kitchen in 1898, to hear the song "Galway Races." It's a "traditional" reel - but I can't determine how far back the tradition goes. I've looked at a few different versions of it, and the topical references don't help much, since the term "Fenian" has different meanings and goes back to the eighteen-eighties at least - and thruppence may have been the standard price for a big crubeen for generations *laughing*
I've searched wikipedia, and searched traditional music sites, but mostly I'm getting dates of particular performances, recordings, etc. I'm not finding even a ballpark date for when it might have been composed, which is really all I need.
Tags: history (misc), ~music

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