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How do the met deal with a child who has witnessed rape?

Cut for rape, murder, child witnessing rape and murder, child neglect.

Time period: modern day London

Search terms: procedure for dealing with a child witness abuse/rape, and variations thereupon

When the only witness to rape and murder is the eight-year-old child of the victim, how is this dealt with the metropolitan police? Would she be interviewed? If so who would be in the room with her, as well as the police? Presumably she would be given some kind of therapy, when would that happen? What would the order of events be?

Any details would be great, and if anyone has any details about what should happen vrs what does happen, I would be interested to read that.

Also: the child is not clearly abused, but obviously not very well looked after. Her clothes are grubby, she doesn't have a coat etc. Would there be any sort of investigation about whether she should have been left in that situation?

If you don't feel comfortable posting this in a public forum, feel free to pm me.

Sorry, this is pretty grim stuff.
Tags: ~law (misc), ~law enforcement (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault

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