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shoulder trauma: series of questions

I googled for shoulder dislocation, but after some thought, I wasn't sure if the incident I'm writing would result in a shoulder dislocation or not, since the medical sights refer mostly to impact injuries resulting in dislocation, and I've never expirienced a dislocation of anything.

In a medieval-esque society, a secondary character is sliding/plumetting/rolling off the steep roof of a tall building (a mansion). The main character slides down after him, catches his ankle with one hand as they're both going over the edge, and the ledge of the roof with the other, resulting in the sudden stop (and dangling from the ledge) of both characters.
My questions are about whether or not this would result in the main character's shoulder(s) being dislocated from the sudden jerk on both ends. Or would the muscles just be severely pulled? Would one shoulder/arm be hurting more than the other? If so, which one do you suppose would be in more pain, and how long could he continue to bare weight as he hangs there?

What if afterward, after the secondary character reaches safety in a window, the main character drops down to a window sill one story down, and latches onto that in his fall (thus another sudden stop), so he can pull himself in (or be helped in)? Would this make his arms/shoulders worse? So after all that, what would be the final toll on his arms, and could they recover strength/feeling in several days?
If it helps, the secondary character (he who's falling first) is taller than the main guy, and the main guy probably isn't exceptionally strong.

I appreciate your time in reading this, even if you don't respond. Maybe I should just try a similar stunt to find out the results for myself. :p

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