greensquiggly (greensquiggly) wrote in little_details,

Stepping way out of my element with a late 18th Century French novel.

And by element, I mean Victorian to modern-day era American-set literature, that's not a romance novel.

The biggest problem I'm having is I'm not sure what to search for. I mean, I know what to look for in the case of buildings, clothing, and furniture, but what about the popular mannerisms of the nobility at the time? How do I best search for information on the customs of the era, the social mores, the stigmas?

Basically I'm just confused on what specific words to search with in something like Google , and for the life of me I can't fathom what to even try. Any and all help would be appreciated.
Tags: 1780-1789, 1790-1799, france: history, ~etiquette & manners, ~nobility (misc)

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