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Military discharge--medical retirement after traumatic brain injury

Setting: present day
Character: U.S. Air Force Major

Scenario: Character suffers traumatic brain injury (while on duty) and is in a coma. He eventually awakens and suffers from both seizures and some loss of motor function due to the injury.

The conditions above are listed as unsatisfactory for continued military retention, but I need to know: would the Medical Evaluation Board or the Physical Evaluation Board suggest a temporary medical retirement or permanent? Brain injuries are known to resolve themselves and physical therapy could help the character recover enough to be fit for duty eventually, but I'm not sure if the trauma and resulting problems are a condition that would absolutely force the character out regardless of his prognosis for recovery. And would the character have a say in whether he was put on temporary medical retirement or not?

Thanks so much!

Searches and terms: air force retention standards, military medical discharge, military medical separation, disability retirement, MEB and PEB, browsed the air force site and VA sites, and a few forums at militarytimes.
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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