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ANON POST: Broken knee/ankle

Hi guys. It's my first time posting, but this community has been really fascinating and helpful to me even while lurking. And now I come to you with questions.

Setting: Generic medieval fantasy RP. I can't really give a good time period for comparison, especially since no one has addressed medical practices in the setting yet. There is magic, but I want to save that as a last resort.

Research: I looked through entries here with the "broken bones" tag. Enlightening, but not quite helpful enough. I also tried Googling things like "knee fracture" and "broken bone recovery", but what I found was for a more modern perspective, believe it or not.

And now on to the meat of things.

I have a character-- we'll call her Character 1-- who, through some unwarranted and severe psychological/emotional abuse, managed to earn the ire of a second character (Character 2). Character 2 tracked down Character 1 and broke her ankle and knee on the same leg, by stomping on the joints with a foot, from the side. Character 1 was bound and lying on the floor on her side when this occurred.

Basically the ideal situation here is that she makes a recovery in a few months, but ends up with a permanent limp. Would that be possible at all? From the research I've done, it looks like a broken kneecap is often a sentence of never walking again without modern surgery. Is it possible that her kneecap would not be broken? Would that still leave her unable to walk, if she got proper medical treatment? What if she tried to splint it herself?

Also. Character 1 was in her second floor apartment when she was tracked down. How likely is it that she can get anywhere with one good leg? There's a large selection of daggers within easy reach, so being tied up won't be an issue. If she made a rudimentary splint or found something to use as a crutch, could she find medical treatment on her own? It is very unlikely anyone will show up to assist her.

If I can't get quite what I want from regular medical treatment, then I can tailor some sort of "it's magic" solution, since healing magic does exist in-setting. I'd just like to know as much as I can about the situation beforehand.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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