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ANON POST: Small religious books, 19th century

This character is German-born but has probably seen a fairly good portion of Central Europe. He is not particularly wealthy, but doesn't give much of a fig about borrowing books and not returning them. The setting is the very late 19th century/very early 20th century.

My character is theoretically using a smaller religious book for spiritual defense -- something like a psalmbook, a hymnal or a Bible. The only Bibles I've seen of this time period are the large family volumes, and that won't do for the purposes of my story; the book needn't be pocket-sized but still small enough to be easily portable. It needn't be a full Bible, with Old and New Testament, just a smaller portion of Scripture in Latin or (considering my MC is Lutheran, but not picky) German. Was anything sold roughly fitting these specs? Paperback books naturally aren't an option, but even just a smaller selection of the Psalms would do. (I don't need prices and publishers, I would just like more search terms to use for a visual and something to go on besides "well, this could conceivably exist". Older/vintage

Secondly: I realize now that I've been mentally using my own copy of the psalms for this scene, which has a small cross on the cover; would this have been a no-go historically, or is it feasible enough to fit into my story with an unspoken handwave?

Terms Googled: Psalter 19th century, New Testament 19th century, Bible 19th century + German
Tags: 1890-1899, 1900-1909, ~religion: christianity (misc)

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