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Hello, awesome detail oriented community!

I am looking for some advice and information on epilepsy for a role playing character of mine (I hope that's okay to do here, too). I want to get this as correct and realistic as possible.

Here's the situation.

My character is a 22 (just turned 22 less than a month ago) year old female. The year is 2010, December. And no alternate universe or anything. Just normal modern times. She has consumed quite a lot of alcohol since her early teens, a little less in the more recent years but she still drinks, and has done marijuana.

And, you guessed it, I want her to develop/discover that she has epilepsy.I have done some serious google-fuing and wikipediaing on this subject, but instead of giving me answers and making things more clear for me, it has left me even more confused and even more questions. So, I ask for help.

I understand that usually epilepsy develops between the ages of 5 and 20, but it can occur pretty much at any stage of life, correct?

I have looked into some of the more common syndromes, but I can't really decide which would be right for this character. So to speak. I think it could be either one of those 'no idea where it came from' epilepsy or inherited if it can come from grandparents. I don't want it to be too serious. I understand that epilepsy is serious no matter what, but I would like it to be something that can be controlled with medication and regular doctor visits and such. And, of course, something age appropriate. So suggestions in that department would be more than welcome.

I have also read that usually epilepsy is diagnosed after two seizures. Is that correct? Is there any way that it would be diagnosed and medicate after the first seizure? Like, maybe there can be some things in the person's history that one would just brush off as not being that important? Maybe like spasms, fainting, passing out stuff like that that?

Is there a certain way that the (first) seizure happens? Other than spasm and involuntary movement what else is very common?

I would also love to be pointed towards some epilepsy stories, especially for those who it was diagnosed in their young adulthood.

Thanks so much in advance!
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