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Decreased CSF flow

Hi there,

I have a few questions for a story that may or may not see the light of the day. The story is set in a fandom that deals with paranormal and such so there's a pretty big leeway, but I still want to be accurate (or at least know what I'm writing about). It's also set in the present.

My MC is a man around thirty, suddenly suffering from bad headaches, dizzines, fatigue. Those symptoms start out of nowhere and are worse when he moves around. Laying down they go away after a while. Now the reason for him to experience these symptoms is some kind of a parasite (leech) that survives on CSF. It never takes enough to kill the host, but enough to make him feel bad. I have googled around looking for info on the subject and found a condition called Chiari... also that the symptoms are similar to the after effects of LP, when there's not enough CSF to 'support' the brain. Okay, hope it still makes sense lol. My questions:

1.What are the effects of repeatedly decreased CSF? Is it just the headache and other symptoms or is there a real threat of brain damage from a sudden movement (something like getting a concussion?)
2.Can a doctor do an LP and take a sample of CSF while it's decreased? Won't it make it all worse? Or will the doctor first measure the CSF pressure and stop the procedure upon finding it low?
3. I've read somewhere that after an LP when the sympotms are bad the patient can be injected with kofein or saline... does it go to an IV or right to the spine?
4.Final question... is any inflammation of the brain visible on MRI or CT scans?

Search terms used: decreased CSF, Chiari, Lumbar puncture, CSF. increased CSF, IIH, ICP. Both on Google and wikipedia.

PS: I know these are mighty strange questions:-) and I will be thankful for any replies really. While the google helped some, it brought on a ton of new questions which may not be importnant to the fic but are nagging at my mind.

Thanks in advance,



ETA: Big thanks for all the fantastic answers! You were all really helpful. Now I'm off to do some writing:-)
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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