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ANON POST: Churching of mothers and christening used in 18th century Church of England

I've read articles on Wikipedia on the Anglican Church,
Christening/Infant Baptism in general. I've checked the CoE website, but
it just has information on current practices, not historical ones.
Searches on Google include: "churching of mothers in 18th century church
of england," "18th century church of england christening" with and
without quotes in various places to keep terms together. I found a very
detailed article about these practices in Sweden, but of course, my story
is taking place in 1790's England.

I'm trying to find out just a few main details here. 1. Is the mother
allowed at the christening if it is before she's churched (at 40 days
post partum)? 2. How long after birth was a typical christening? and 3.
Is the modern practice of 3-4 godparents the strict practice then?

I'd appreciate any and all help.
Tags: 1790-1799, ~religion: christianity: historical

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