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Helen W.

Medevac via dangling stretcher

I'm writing a short bit of fanfic for The Sentinel. The episode I'm jumping off from was filmed in the late 1990s and is set in Washington State in what is referred to as the "Northern Wilderness" at an abandoned mine.

The episode ends with one of the MCs, who has been shot in the leg, being flown off in a stretcher dangling from a helicopter. Screaming his head off, because the less manly character screaming is funny :-/.

FWIW, the MC seems stable, and there are numerous first responders around; we don't know how they got there, as no vehicles are shown.

My questions:

(1) Would a helicopter doing this necessarily be an air ambulance?
(2) How long would the MC be kept dangling - until the helicopter reached a place where it can land, until it reaches a local medical center, until it can meet up with EMTs, until it reaches Major City Hospital?
(3) Wouldn't any helicopter doing this be able to pull the MC aboard? (We don't get a good look at the helicopter, so can't tell how big it is.)

I've been googling combinations of air evacuation, mountainous, hoist, "at sea" (because helicopters are used in sea rescues), dangling, medevac; I now know how air ambulances are equipped, staffed, and regulated; how to hire the one that's right for me/get air transportation for low cost if I'm deemed worthy; the names of various organizations involved; and something about the efficacy of medevacing vs. ground transportation. I have a sense of the dangers involved. I've watched videos of first responders plucking victims out of dire circumstances and pulling them back up to choppers. And, from second-hand experience, I'm pretty sure that, if you get a helicopter involved, you're going to Big City Hospital.

But I've found absolutely nothing that even hints that people are ever flown off hanging via stretcher, let alone what you do with them once you've got them there.
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: health care and hospitals, ~helicopters

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