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describe gruesome murder in Japanese

Googled "Japanese swearing", "how to say murder in Japanese", looked at Swearsaurus and my copy of "Dirty Japanese."  Tag "language: japanese" here.

MC is Japanese raised in America.  An archangel just told him something that amounts to "I had inappropriate relations with your mother".   His hands are being held by two people who know him for a hotblood, and one of those people speaks Japanese--as far as he knows the only other person in the room who can.  She just told him to chill, he wants to tell her, without cluing in the others, what exactly he'd like to do with the archangel so she'll let him take a swing at the guy.

What I want him to say is approximately "If he were a common human being, I'd murder him in a slow and gruesome fashion for what he did."  MC has a massive grudge here, and his best chance at doing something about it will walk away if he can't get that hand free.  He needs to express to the Japanese speaker how truly bloody angry he is at this guy, in a nice level voice so the others don't understand him.

None of what I'm finding on these sites is strong enough--I want to go past 'murder' and 'kill' and into 'crucify' and 'slowly roast to death'  territory.

Modern day, with angel/demon supernatural elements (In Nomine roleplaying game).

Much thanks to all!  I did a quick search on martyrdom in Japan and found one specific to Nagasaki, where the character's family is from.  I combined 'hanging upside-down over a sewage pit until dead' with 'crucify' and got the appropriate imagery.  Now to see how the PC reacts.
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