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Day-Release from a Secure Mental Health Ward

Setting:- Modern-day England
Google Keywords Used - Day release, mental health ward protocols, mental health secure units, security for funerals, criminals going to funerals and a combo of all of them in various ways.

I have a young man who has committed a crime and is now in a mental health ward. During the process of the crime, he was injured and so is convalescing in a specialist secure hospital ward, before being transported to a more suitable mental health hospital. He has been formally charged for the crime (which amounts to multiple acts of murder), and has a police officer standing outside of his room 24 hours a day, as well as being on suicide watch himself.

During the crime, his best friend (whom he committed the crime with) killed himself and tried to kill my young man, which is how many of his wounds were gained.

My main character is a well-respected criminal psychologist, and she is investigating the crime; she wants to help the young man go to his friend's funeral.

Which brings me to my questions:-

1) What kind of forms or documents would she have to complete in order for him to be able to go? Would she need a statement of his mental health/an evaluation of some kind?

2) What kind of security would be required? Would a healthcare professional be required to attend? He is a non-violent young man who was, in essence, forced into the crime. (There is evidence to suggest that he has an undiagnosed learning disorder which makes him quite innocent & means that he can't quite grasp the enormity of what he's done - I'm still working through the details with this).

3) Would she be required to attend? I will have her at the funeral anyway, because she is invited by the family, but would she be there in a professional sense?

4) Would my young man be allowed to dress as he pleased, or would he have to be dressed a specific way?

Thank you all so much for any help with this!
Tags: uk (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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