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Reasons for CPS to have to return custody to a parent

hmm, not sure if you guys can help me with this, but I figured it couldn't hurt

I'm writing a Supernatural fic where CPS takes Sam and Dean away from John. (Dean, 12, Sam 8)

Amongst the reasons is that the clerk at the motel he was staying at reported him for leaving the boys alone for three days. After CPS went to take the boy, Dean was taken to the doctor because of a broken collar bone. The doctor discovered that he also suffered from a mild concussion and other bruises. (not to mention that his X-rays show signs of previous broken bones and injuries) The concussion had gone untreated before that point and CPS assumes that the injuries were caused by John abusing him.

Upon entering the boys motel room, the CPS worker found a shotgun in almost clear sight, and after asking, Dean pulled several knives out of his bag. Their kitchen is almost empty of food and Dean only has money for about another week of rent...

Now I'm thinking CPS has a pretty good case to take the boys out of John's custody. Especially combined with the fact that he moves them around every few months, doesn't give them stability in life, Dean's been caught shoplifting and they've been red flagged in several states.

So my problem is that at the end of the story, John has to get the boys back. Both angels and demons are involved in making sure that he does, so they could probably do so in some way. But are there any ways that either side could help things along so that John doesn't get suspicious as to why both heaven and hell want him to raise his own children, rather than allowing them a normal life.

Like, is there anything paperwork wise that could ruin the case, so CPS has no choice but to give the boys back?

Googled for CPS, 'reasons to release children from CPS custody'
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