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Actual Military presence at a military boarding school

I have looked up military boarding schools enough to answer most of my questions but this one:

What is the probability there is actual members of the military there, in a normal situation? Not as teachers, but stationed there. If so, what sort of interaction would there be between the soldiers and the students (it is a coed school)?

If the situation changed and there is a lab associated with the school, which performs human exprimentation (on select students, not the general population), what might the interaction be?

And how might the soldiers treat the suvivors of said experiments?

I have one character who's been a student and an experiment, so I need both sides.

Thank you so much for any help - including further search terms.

ETA: I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. The students who are subjects of the experimentation are orphans or abandoned by their parents.
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