Tamanna (swingandswirl) wrote in little_details,

Housing for trainee agents at the FBI Academy at Quantico

Setting: present day USA (Quantico, VA)

Situation: I've got a character who is attending new agent training at the FBI Academy. My question is simple: would he be required to stay in the Academy dorms, or could he stay with his wife at their apartment in Quantico town? And if he does have to stay at the dorms, what would the restrictions on his movements be like? Could he go home for weekends, days off, and so on?

Also, how long after graduation do cadets receive their assignments? Day of, or is there some kind of waiting period? 

Terms searched: FBI academy housing rules, FBI academy dorms. I've been able to find information on apartments in the Quantico area, but not whether my character would actually be able to stay in them. 
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, usa: virginia

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