twoseamfastball (twoseamfastball) wrote in little_details,

engineer tools?

Location: USA
Time: present day

I know the answer to this is mostly 'computers', but I was wondering: what (other) physical tools might an environmental engineer use? I can assume a calculator and, like, pencils. Protractor? Other stuff I can't even think of because I don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Help.

If it matters, this is an environmental engineer with a concentration in stuff related to water. But the tools don't have to be specific to that.

I tried searching 'environmental engineering tools' and similar, which wasn't returning useful results. I also tried 'engineer tools' and similar, which did give me some images, but I'm not sure if they were things it would be weird for an environmental engineer to use or what. I am so far from being an engineer of any sort that it isn't even funny.
Tags: ~technology (misc)

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