Fictatious (fictatious) wrote in little_details,

Random first-and-last name generator for Japanese

So, last month, I could have sworn I bookmarked this awesome Japanese name generator I stumbled across that you just clicked 'male' or 'female' and it generated a first and last name and even showed the kanji for it. I went looking for it today, first in my bookmarks, and did not find it, then I tried to find it through google and couldn't find a trace of the damn thing. I can find things that will throw out random Japanese given-names, but I really want one that does first and last name.

Combinations I tried:
random japanese name generator
japanese name randomizer
japanese name generator
random name generator
random name generator japanese
random japanese names
random japanese surname
japanese name generator surname

I can't remember what I'd originally put in that found me the generator I used before, but I'm pretty sure I was looking for surnames at the time.
Tags: ~languages: japanese, ~names

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