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Scurvy: advanced symptoms, etc.


I'm writing a story set in the eighteenth century, a High Seas sort of thing, wherein one of the characters contracts scurvy.

Unfortunately, none of the research I have done can tell me what the progression of the disease is: how long it takes for the first symptoms to set in, how long until the victim would die, etc. Mostly what I'm looking for is an idea of the timeline.

I've already checked the Wikipedia article on scurvy, and done Google checks for the following: scurvy, symptoms, prognosis, "advanced scurvy," "scurvy & death," and in desperation typed the whole question "How long does it take to die from scurvy?" into the search engine.


All I get is the singularly unhelpful assertion that death from scurvy is exceedingly rare now because it's easily treated with Vitamin C. Which I know, but doesn't answer my question.

I've also searched the tags here: 1700s, medicine (misc), medicine: illnesses (misc)

Can anyone help?
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), ~age of sail, ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: starvation/malnourishment

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