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Horseshoes and salt as a deterent against witches and sourcerers plus a question about aura's

Google Search terms: general search on sourcerers; Witches aura's; Sourcerers aura's; what colour would a soucerers aura be?;  use of horse shoes and salt as a deterant against magical beings.

Q1) Would a horse shoe, both inverted and the right way up and salt on the floor and on the sills of the windows prevent a witch or a soucerer from coming across the threshold of a house?

If the householder invited them in would that make a difference?

Q2) What colour would a sourcerers aura be? Would it be dark ie black or lighter coloured? ie gold.

My character is half human, half demon.

Thanks in advance. 

edit: The main character is a midwife/ witch (herbalist, reads a version of the tarrot cards, can see auras, alter people's perceptions of things and gently nudge events along in her favour, she can see into the future.)

the sourcer/sorcerer (my brain can't spell today) is half human, half demon. She isn't good or evil as such.
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