Ami Ven (ami_ven) wrote in little_details,
Ami Ven

Double-Checking Translations: Welsh & French

Setting/Background: 300 years in the future (united-Earth-type science-fiction, if that helps). The main character in my novel can speak many languages and tends to mutter random phrases/sentences under her breath.

Research: Several language phrase books and online translators

Question: Are the following translations (under cut, below) correct? They don't need to be exactly correct, as the translation is not given in the book (the reader only needs to know that she is speaking another language- what she says is irrelevent) but I would like to avoid insulting anyone's mother.

Two in Welsh:

Ca mo had ddigon choffi heddiw achos hon

'I have not had enough coffee today for this'

A s mo ffair

'It's not fair'

One in French:

Pour un jour amour de les commencer...

'For the love of the stars...'

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~languages: celtic, ~languages: french

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