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GSW; puncturing lung; procedure and aftermath.


I'm working on a scenario with a friend for an RP where his character is shot by a .45. The bullet punctured his lung and he's adamant that there is no exit wound. We're also debating on whether it should be a safety slug or a hollow point :|; Hollow point seems much more serious, but we don't want to damage the character in a way that would make it impossible for him to serve in the military anymore -- the setting is FFVIII: future military academy, the likes. The character is physically fit, aged 17 - 23. Would appreciate it if you guys can help me through several questions:

1. Would the right first aid be sealing his lungs until he could enter surgery?

2. How different would a safety-slug surgery be compared to hollow-point surgery? Is it possible to get the bullet out? How long of a surgery would it be? 

3. Post-surgery, assuming the character is saved: Would he need extraneous tubes/tools to help him breathe? How long would the recovery take? 

4. What kind of damage would the character be suffering? Would it be permanent? What kind of therapy would he need?

I've read up a bit on collapsed lung and .45 bullets, some articles about gunshot wounds, but I'm having trouble collating those information into something that could help me answer my questions. Your help would be much appreciated!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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