[something like, but not necessarily] an idealist. (electricrhyme) wrote in little_details,
[something like, but not necessarily] an idealist.

Extremely slow poisons?

Hey, everybody!

Getting straight to the point, I need a poison which is:
  •  water soluble
  • slow acting (three hours would be good, or if such a poison even exists, about a week would be optimal)
And also, preferably, but not necessarily:
  • is colorless/odorless/tasteless
  • is deadly in small quantities
  • makes the consumer visibly ill fifteen to thirty minutes after drinking/eating/inhaling (e.g., vomiting, fever, change of skin tone)
Thanks in advance!

(Have tried Google searches, etc. on "slow acting poisons," "liquid poisons," "poisons used in assassination" and similar.)

Edit: the setting is modern fantasy, and the poisoner has access to pretty much any poison they want, at any cost.
Edit again: thanks to everybody who replied! I think I'm going with Polonium-210 :)
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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