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Long-term effects of severe head trauma in minors

Setting: Present day, upstate New York, extreme NaNo fantasy.
Previous search queries: 'long term effects of head trauma' 'head trauma in minors', 'side effects of head injuries in minors' and things along such lines.

Questions: This is NaNo season, and such I have a million questions that I shouldn't be asking, but the answers would seriously screw up my novel and my word count if gotten wrong.  So.  The character in question (one of my MC's little brother) got into a fight when he was fourteen.  And lost, badly.  And by lost, I mean he had several broken ribs, a broken nose and his head was bashed repeatedly into the sidewalk and there's still a dark spot from the blood. 

Now my question is- being the character didn't die, would there be any lasting effects on his brain?  The attack left him unconscious for several hours, and I was just wondering if TBI would be an effect.  And if not- would he possibly have some sort of learning problem?  Or would his brain not be affected at all? 

Any and all answers will be appreciated.  Even if you're yelling at me because I'm a stupid kid who asks too many questions about obvious answers to silly questions.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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