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Is there an Egyptian god/goddess who was themself sacrificed?

So, in some ancient mythologies, you'll have a deity, demi-god or hero around who was said to be killed and revived every day, like Prometheus as an example. I'm wondering if there is anyone like that within the Egyptian pantheon, probably in the lesser deities, since I've never heard of them.

I looked through Wikipedia for an hour or so, going through their articles on the Egyptian pantheon members and I tried googling things like "Egyptian god sacrifice"... which naturally got me a lot of sites talking about whether there's any evidence that Egyptians ever did human-sacrifice. Not what I'm looking for.

In the wikipedia articles, I did find a brief reference to Mnevis, who sounds like he was the personification of the sacred bulls sacrificed in Heliopolis, but I'm not totally sure if I'm interpreting the text right.

Can anybody tell me more about Mnevis or does anybody know any other deities that might have had a Prometheus daily-sacrifice thing going on (not counting Ra's day-night life-death journey through the underworld.)
Tags: ~religion: ancient egyptian

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