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Questions about RV licenses and insurance

This may be bending the rules a bit since there's a chance that life may end up imitating art, but...

Setting: various small towns across the United States, and the roads in between. May shrink to just one region as I investigate mileage and gas prices. Present day.

1. It seems like various states have different policies on whether or not one needs a special license for an RV. If you’re planning on crossing various state lines, do you have to conform to the policies of each individual state, or just the one on your driver’s license?

2. What kind of money can the characters expect to pay for insurance? I haven't settled on a manufacturer or model, but it will be a used Class C motorhome from the 1980s still in pretty good condition. I also want to have each of the five main characters taking a turn at the wheel, but will adding more drivers increase the cost? For the year in which they are driving it around the country it is their primary residence, if that makes any difference.

Googled: "do I need a special license to drive an RV" "average insurance cost for used motorhome" "typical insurance cost for used motorhome"

I also visited trying to get a quote, but they wouldn't give me any info without me giving them my address, phone number, and e-mail first.
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