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Some questions about mild hypothermia

Hello, I'm another stressed nanoer seeking help....

Setting: Manhattan, February 2010, right after a blizzard.

I tried googling unconscious suffering mild hypothermia / fever following hypothermia / how long does it take to recover from hypothermia and variants of those. Burned at least 3 hours and got nothing. I read a lot of pages about diagnosing hypothermia, degrees of hypothermia and how to treat it.

I want to have the MC rescue MC2, who is half buried in snow, and take him home. I want MC2 to have a mild hypothermia and yet be unconscious. Is that possible or do I need to make him disoriented but awake?
If he's unconscious due to head trauma (nothing serious, just got knocked on the head by someone) and get covered by the snow, would he wake up?
It's after 2am when the MC finds him and it just stopped snowing - would he think about calling 911 if the streets are not cleared or immediately decide to take him home? would he try to wake him up? (also, would he cover him with his coat or would he not risk getting hypothermic as well?)

Sorry I'm asking so much, I'm so stuck with this scene... and got more for the next one:
If he didnt wake him up before, would he wake him up at home or let him sleep the rest of the night?
How long does it take to recover from the hypothermia (after he changed his clothes and put him in bed with a warm blanket)

and lastly, could MC2 develop a fever right after he recovers?

Please help, I really want to move on from this part .__. Thanks in advance..
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