Where No One Has Gone Before (going_boldly) wrote in little_details,
Where No One Has Gone Before

Hello 911?

Setting: Modern-day NYC
Scenario: I have two main characters in this story that we'll call Albert and Beatrix. Albert has PTSD, and is currently going through an emotional rough patch, and it's exhausting both him and Beatrix. Normally what would happen is this: Beatrix would wake up, realize that Albert was having a nightmare, call his name a few times, and if that didn't work, fill up a glass of water and throw it on him. Tonight, she's exhausted and not thinking clearly and so tries shaking him awake instead. Albert reacts with a hair trigger, and punches her in the face, which knocks her out. Then he wakes up. I've written Albert enough to know what his reactions are going to be (abject horror, check on Beatrix, and call 911), and the same goes for Beatrix after she regains consciousness (incredulity, *facepalm* ow, no I do not want the police in here because we aren't wearing any clothing).
Question: What would the 911 dispatcher's response to this be? I'm assuming that she would advise Beatrix to go to the hospital to get her head checked out, but not very sure what her reaction to Albert would be. On the one hand, he hit his girlfriend, which is not okay and he'd be the first to say so. On the other hand, it's not exactly his fault. Would she dispatch police? I'm leaning towards no, as the NYPD seems like it would be overworked enough to take a cry of "don't help!" at face value. If so, would they leave without incident after Beatrix explained the situation?
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd

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