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Surfboard size help needed

So, I'm going to start with search terms so I can't forget. Searched how to pick the right surfboard, surfboard size calculators, size guides and charts.

The thing is though is my character is 6"7' and about 250lb. And while the size of his board isn't a huge plot point it makes for great jokes considering the fact he just went pro and is something of a giant. I can't find anything on what size would be best or even which board type, as there aren't many people that size, at least not outside of pro basketball that I've heard of.

He's not a big wave surfer, he does the kind of thing you see on YouTube, and things like the Dew Tour. He does surf at the expert level, and is kind of takingt he entire surfing community by surprise as no one's heard of him and this is his rookie season and he's killing the competition.

So my questions are as follows:

Would he need to ride a longboard out of necessity? Which type of board would be best suited for him, preference aside? Would he have to get his boards custom made, and if so, how much would that cost him? How do you size boards? Is it by height, weight, or both?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, and many thanks are given in advance.

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