Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

ANON POST: Baby's identity documents in 1980, UK

Setting/Era: Oldham/greater Manchester area, July 1980
Search terms: "[personal] child health record", "red book", 1980 (I've found similar such as this one in Nottingham), NHS Oldham, "1980 child documents", NHS history.

Question: What identity documents would a child born in Oldham or the greater Manchester area have from birth/babyhood? There would be a birth certificate, but I don't know about an insurance card, resident's identity card, or child health record. I know modern children have a Red Book for health and immunisation records, but did the local Health Authority issue such a record book in 1980?
Tags: 1980-1989, uk: government (misc), uk: health care and hospitals

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