Fanaatikko monessa suhteessa (vampirenaomi) wrote in little_details,
Fanaatikko monessa suhteessa

Learning to fence with your left hand

I have a late 18th century character who is an excellent swordsman. He's shot in his right shoulder and gets a permanent injury that makes his arm weak and prevents him from lifting it above his head. I haven't yet decided what to do with this character, but in case he decided to try to learn fencing with his left hand, how plausible would it be? Would the stiff/weak right arm hinder him too much in combat?

I have been searching with terms such as "fencing left hand" but all I'm getting is sites about how to fence with people who were born left-handed or how to train your left hand -- which is going to be useful later, but for now I want to know the effects of the injury. Any searches on injuries bring up plenty of results on injuries you can get while fencing. I've also been looking at pictures and videos of fencing to see if my character could pull it off with his right arm, but those were all from official fencing competitions. I have no idea if such positions are at all necessary in real combat.
Tags: ~martial arts, ~weapons: swords

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