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Voodoo Signs and Portents

I am getting ready to dive into my very first zombie novel.

It is set in Louisiana in the mid-to-late 1800's, and I've managed so far to discover information on nearly every topic that I needed to find, except some of the Voodoo details.

I found a wealth of information about Louisiana Voodoo on Wikipedia, but despite my google-foo I could find nothing about the specifics I need.  I used "Louisiana Voodoo signs and portents" and "Voodoo nature signs" as my search terms.  I did find one really promising looking book, but the nearest one is on the other end of my state (and its a pretty long state XD )

Essentially, one of my characters is a Voodoo Queen. She is jealous of a slave who gets pregnant by her master. She does all she can to try and come between the master and the slave, but the slave manages to stave off most of the ill effects of the Queen's magic.

Eventually the Voodoo Queen helps birth the child, and notices several strange things that happen that make her believe that the child is going to be terrible and die early.

She also notices some other oddities that make her want to stay near the child, so she takes a role as god-mother of sorts. After tragedy (in which the girl does die young), she is raised by the Queen as a zombie.

What I need to know is does Louisiana Voodoo use nature signs and portents? If so, what are some that mean a child is going to grow up badly or die young? If they don't use nature signs, what do they use?

Thank you thank you for any help you can give! :D
Tags: ~religion: african diasporic, ~zombies

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