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Cameras, Staff Ratios, Protocols, and Wards in Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals

My NaNo story is set in a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in New York, fairly recently (sometime around 2010).
I was wondering:
  1. Would facilities like this use surveillance cameras in their buildings, and if so, how many buildings would these cameras be installed in (for example, the entrance to the hospital, the hallways in the hospital, etc.)?
  2. Exactly how many staff members are there in the hospitals? All of my searching has told me that the ratio is generally around 3 staff members to every patient, but it wasn't specific as to what kind of staff members they were (are most of them nurses or psychiatrists or something of that sort)? Additionally, are there guards in Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals?
  3. Would the patients see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist while they were in the hospital, assuming they required medication for their mental illness? About how often would the patient see the doctors?
  4. If a patient is trying to scratch out his eyes constantly, what measures would the staff take to prevent him from injuring himself? If it helps, the patient is in his mid to late thirties and is extremely adamant about scratching out his own eyes.
  5. Do any of these hospitals do some kind of art therapy or other sort of therapy? 
  6. Do any of these hospitals have wards for people with personality disorders? When I was using google fu some of the articles I read mentioned something like that, but it wasn't too specific. It's not really important to my story, but I'm curious and would like to make my setting somewhat realistic.
Searched: forensic psychiatry, forensic psychiatric hospital cameras, psychiatric hospital cameras, psychiatric hospital staffing ratios, psychiatric hospital guard, read through a lot of little  details posts, and looked through the wikipedia pages for Psychiatric Hospital, Forensic Psychiatry, the history of a few famous British psych hospitals (Broadmoor, Ashworth), and psychiatric history. 
Thank you in advance!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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