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London Underground Track Level Maps

Setting: Alternate Universe, present day London, United Kingdom

I have three characters involved in a chase sequence in present day London. The underground trains are not running. One of the characters is on the run from the other two. She arrives in the guise of a civilian south of the river Thames at Vauxhall but the other two characters give chase after spotting her. At first she hides in various places within Vauxhall Station but then she is forced to go through the underground to escape. Her eventual destination is King's Cross.

All characters are equipped with hoverboots. They basically fly around at track level in the London Underground and pass through the stations.

I really want to give a fairly geographical description of that chase sequence since it has relevance in the plot later but for that I need some sort of track map. The thing is, a lot of the maps I'm finding are just of the surface level and none really at track level.

The closest I can find to what I want is this website however it has none of the places I'm interested in. And these ones from this particular book just seem far too... hm, complex and obtuse for my liking? Unless someone can tell me how to read those track diagrams

So to sum up...

Anybody know where I can find track level maps for the London Underground that are accessible enough for someone like me who only has dipped her toe in being a train anorak?

In addition, even though this is already quite fantastical with hoverboots and a chase sequence in the tube, are there any particular points to take note travelling through them in anything other than a train? (for example - closed stations, emergency lights, CCTV/monitoring, wiring, dangeruos electric bits?) I already am aware of things like engineering works and signal failure.

Many thanks for your help!

Google searches: tfl underground track map, london underground track map, london underground track level map and other variations of such.
Tags: uk: london, uk: public transportation

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