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Long Term Effects On Stomach and Possible Cures for Arsenic Poisoning

Hi, everyone!  Thank you for all of the help I have received for my strange little story.  For those who are unfamiliar with the basics, I'm writing a House MD AU fanfic set in a roughly 1804-1850 "British" kingdom.  The original king was poisoned with arsenic, which caused him to become delusional.  He was then put in a charitable madhouse, where for years he was tortured, starved and given both laxatives and emetics.  Which unfortunately was routine in those days.

 Now he is out.  He has arsenical lesions on his hands and feet, and has pain in the upper left quadrant of his abdomen.  I was thinking along the lines of stomach lining inflammation, but is that realistic?  How would House diagnose it?  If it was pernicious anemia and the patient can no longer take in vitamin B-12, is there a workaround?  Does it have to be pernicious anemia?  Are there other long-term effects of arsenical poisoning that leave the stomach permanently inflamed?  If so, how do you diagnose and treat it?

I've googled "arsenic,"  "arsenic poisoning", read up on the various side-effects and symptoms, about the poisoned water in Bangladesh, etc. but nothing about the after-effects years later of being poisoned.  I tried looking up  "long-term after effects of arsenic poisoning" on both and google, and also googled  "inflammation of the stomach lining" and "gastritis."

ETA:  I have read about acute and chronic poisoning.  This is a case where the king was given large doses of arsenic, and then treated occasionally with medicine that contained arsenic.  Not much, but enough to keep his body screwed up.  I don't want him to die, or to have any major neurological problems.

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