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Recovery from thigh injury and a second 'sun'

I attempted to work my way through all of the relevant past posts that might have answered my questions, but may well have missed something in my search, so forgive me if I have! 

Setting: Earth, post apocalypse, so all modern technology etc is gone and has been for generations.

First question!
One male character is stabbed through the thigh by a yari (type of spear), which he survives (no major blood vessels are punctured and the bone is missed), but as the medicine is pretty basic stuff (herbal etc) he isn't going to fully recover all mobility.  The person caring for him knows what he's doing though.  The character is mid-20s, fit and active.
-- My question is how long it would take for him to be mobile enough to walk, with the aid of crutches, and not be in too much pain to do so.  I researched 'thigh stab injuries recovery time' on google but was basically presented with information on thigh muscle strain injuries, the most serious of which, Grade 3, takes several months to recover from.

Second question!
Is is possible to have a second orbiting body around the Earth, far enough away that it doesn't risk colliding with the moon or do too much to make the earth geographically unstable, but big enough to reflect the sun's light during the day?  During winter months we can see the moon in the day, but is it possible to have this all year round with another 'moon' without it being a star in its own right?  My knowledge of physics is pretty basic.  I don't need to know the ins and outs of the actual science, just whether it is possible or not.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~science: astronomy

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