Zara-Jade (ravensnake) wrote in little_details,

English to Latin Phrase Translation

I have a group of people who call themselves 'Dragon Ticklers' ... only I need it in Latin because that's much more cool, and because this is actually for a Harry Potter fanfic and the group based their name on the Hogwarts school motto, which is also in Latin.

I know 'draco' for dragon and 'titillare' for tickle. Unfortunately my Latin, which I was never much good at anyway, is rusty and I'm not sure what ending I need to use on 'titillare' so that it translates right. I'm fairly certain that 'draco' is fine as it is but correct me if I'm wrong. I pretty sure that the literal translation from the finished Latin should be "the ones who tickle dragons". Will all that be clear with just 'draco' and 'titillare' or will I need to stick some form of 'who' in there somewhere?

I'd be very grateful to anyone who can give me some help with this.
Tags: ~languages: latin

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