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Girls' boarding schools in the 1900's-30's

I'm writing a story set at a girl's school in a made-up country that shares similarities with both England and Canada. The time period is similar to the early 1900's to 1930's, although info from as late as the 50's would still be helpful.
What I'm looking for specifically is what sort of living arrangements these girls would have. It's a private boarding school with students ranging from 12-17, all either upper-middle-class or wealthy, and it's a religious school. I'm looking for real-life examples of room setups, how often the girls would be allowed to leave school grounds, whether they'd have roomates or separate rooms, etc. Hopefully this post makes some kind of sense?

Keywords used:
1900's boarding school
1920's boarding school
1930's boarding school
1930's boarding school room layouts
1930's girl's boarding school

Thanks for any help!
Tags: canada: education, canada: history

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