AthenAltena (athenaltena) wrote in little_details,

Is firing into the ground court-martial worthy?

I'm writing a fantasy/steampunk-ish story with a lot of military characters involved with rules of conduct like those of modern militaries. In one character's backstory he was at the scene of a bombing and the explosion made him go temporarily deaf, and when he was accosted by a local who was upset with him he wound up firing his gun into the ground (not at the person) to get them to shut up and listen to him. In most modern militaries would this be enough to get him a court martial? I could also change it to the local said he was aiming at them if it's not enough.

I looked up the Uniform Code of Military Justice (US version) and couldn't find anything specific to this sort of situation (short of "conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman"). Anyone have any information on that sort of thing?
Tags: ~military (misc)

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